In 2012, the WVGamers Extra Life team was created roughly two weeks prior to the 24 hour game event. The teams event was hosted at Brian Moats and Amanda Jones house and involved a total 10 gamers. The group primilarily played video games ranging from Super Smash Bros, Super Sonic Battle Cars, Marvel vs Capcom, Borderlands, and dozens of other games ranging from PS1 to Nintendo Wii titles. Brian and his friend James managed to stay away and gamed the entire 24 hours. The team was able to raise $200. 2013-2016 followed the same format while adding card and board games. 

In 2017, Brian and Amanda helped a local board game group, the WV Nerd Herd, plan and run an event at their FLGS, Four Horsemen Comics and Gaming of Clarksburg, for International Tabletop Day. This sparked the idea to host the 2017 Extra Life Game Day at the shop in November. This has served a way to get even more people involved with Extra Life. This event proved to be a huge success bringing tabletop, roleplay, and video gamers all together for one amazing cause. There was close to 75 people at the event and has been a staple of the Four Horsemen ever since. 

In 2018, the team started hosting a few smaller events throughout the year realizing they didn't have to wait an entire year to continue supporting the cause. In time, this resulted in an Extra-Life 1-Up Sign-Up event in January, a Half-Way to Extra-Life in April, a summer event, and then the big game day in November. The team became involved with the state guild and has been all around the state to various convention spreading the word about Extra Life and getting more people involved. 

As of January 2020 , the team has raised over $21,000 for WVU Medicine Children's Hospital. 

If you are interested in joining our team and helping the children of WVU Medicine Children's Hospital, go to