WVGamers has had the opportunity to provide input on a number of games. These are just a few that we are able to discuss at this time; additional will be added as we are allowed to discuss them:

Released Games

Aetherium: The Roleplaying Game - Anvil Eight Games (Playtest/Proofreader)

Smash Up: Culture Shock - Alderac Entertainment Group (Playtest)

Smash Up: Marvel - Alderac Entertainment Group (Playtest)

Goblin Teeth - Jellybean Games (Proofreader)


Announced, but unreleased projects

Skeptics - Usiak Games and Designs (Playtest, Lead Editor)

Vivid Memories - Floodgate Games (Playtest)

Unannounced game from Jellybean Games (Proofreader/Playtester)