The website has been pretty dead on the front end for the last six months, but there are a lot of articles already fully written and edited just waiting on pictures to be taken and uploaded. Earlier this year, I just hit a point of being overwhelmed between work issues (my contract was ending), Amanda was back to having crazy work hours again and rarely home, and our yellow lab got sick and unfortunately passed away. I just hit a mental point where I could only juggle so many things while keeping myself moving forward, and family had to get all the mental cycles I had to spare. I continued writing articles and recording content in the evenings or when I was at events with free time, but everything log jammed at the last step because when I was home, there always seemed to be a crisis preventing me from getting the pictures taken or my space for photographs was a huge wreck.

Life is finally getting stable again, and both Amanda and I are charged back up and ready to start creating content again. My plan is to publish all of the written reviews sitting in the backlog come the start of July, and we will get back to writing new reviews and recording new content throughout the month to catch back up on our commitments. Both of us have been letting out some stress by playing some video games and occasionally recording those; I may get those posted on her from our Youtube/Twitch channels. We are also pushing hard to get back out into the world and helping raise money for our local Children's Hospital through Extra Life. The WVGamers team is already over $2,100 raised for this year, and Amanda has another $2k+ coming from her tournaments at Extra Life United. We will probably be doing some write ups about Extra Life this year as well. 

We have a number of wonderful games that we bought through Kickstarter, conventions, and our FLGS that we are exciting to share our thoughts on, and quite a few games provided to us from publishers who want you to know about their games and the fun they offer. 

Again, I apologize we just went radio silent for six months. I love writing, doing video reviews, and have been really getting into photography the last year, and I have greatly missed creating content for our website and our WVGamers social media pages. We hope as we ramp back up, you will keep checking in and follow us on our social media pages as well. I plan to finish my RSS feed implementation that mostly works, but it still seems a little buggy at times. That is another way we hope to offer a way to keep up with our content. 


Brian and Amanda