Do you have the knowledge it takes to survive the evil of the night and win the game?

 Horror Trivia Cover

Horror Trivia (2018)
Designer(s) Heather & David Luzzi Artist(s) None listed Publisher

Endless Games

2 or more players &/or teams 13+ 20m+

Horror Trivia is a twisted trivia game where you are answering questions against your opponent to win 3 cards of different weapon cards to arm yourself against your opponents and win the game.  However, it isn't easy as just answering 1 question on the card; you have to answer both questions in order to win the card/weapon required to win the game.

Horror Trivia 1Box and Components

The box is a simple cardboard box that is designed sort of like a playing card box but larger.  Within the box, there is a clear plastic insert that holds the 150 cards and the instruction sheet.  The instruction sheet is small, single sided, and to the point.  The trivia cards are made of sturdy material with gloss to them.  One side contains 2 questions with the picture of the weapon you are trying to win and on the back side is the answers to the questions from the previous side. The font on the cards is crisp and legiable to read.  

Each card contains 1 weapon picture in the upper right hand corner of the card.  There are 5 unique weapons: Machete, axe, chiansaw, crucifix (cross) and a crossbow.  In order to win, the first player to collect 3 different weapons wins the game and survives until the sequel.


Horror Trivia 2Set up is very straight forward.  You will place the trivia question deck with the answers face down on the table within reach of all players.  In the instructions, it states first player is "the player who is voted most likely to die first in a horror movie" gets to answer the first question then another player gets to read the question.

The reader of the question will draw the top card from the question deck and read the first question aloud.  The answerer (may it be a single person or a team) will get 1 guess to answer the question. If correct, the second question will be asked. If the answerer answers incorrectly for either question, the card is discarded, and their turn is over and proceeds to the next player/team. 

The game ends when 1 player or team has collected 3 unique weapon cards and has survived until the sequel.  Everyone else has "suffered a horrific fate by the hands of evil."

Horror Trivia 3

Daily Trivia Questions

For the month of Spooktober 2020, I have had the pleasure of posting daily trivia questions from the game to interact with our audiences on our different social media platforms.  Here is a run down of the daily questions as well as the answers.  

1- Who directed the 1999 film "Sleepy Hollow" which starred Johnny Depp as Ichabod Crane? Tim Burton

2- Who is also known as "Mistress of the Dark"? Elvira

3- What is the name of the camp in the first installment of "Friday the 13th"? Camp Crystal Lake

4- What is Norman Bates' hobby in the movie "Psycho"? Taxidermy

5- In the 2006 film "Silent Hill", what sound signals the transformation of the town into a nightmarish dimension?  An air raid siren

6- Who is considered to by Hollywood's first "Scream Queen"? Jaime Lee Curtis

7- What snack is Tallahassee searching for in "Zombieland"? Twinkies

8- What is the name of the evil company in the "Resident Evil" movie franchise? The Umbrella Corporation

9- "Good Ash, bad Ash.  I'm the guy with the gun."...Name the movie. Army of Darkness

10- What body part was the creature after in the movie "Jeepers Creepers"? Eyes

11- This 2000 film about 2 sisters, named Ginger & Brigitte, who struggle with the idea that one of them is a werewolf.  Name the movie. Ginger Snaps

12- What horror franchise centers around a group of survivors who escape death and are killed one by one in freak accidents? Final Destination

13- This 1993 horror comedy, starring a young Jennifer Aniston, involves an annoying vengeful creature who believes a family has stolen his pot of gold. Leprechaun

14- Who is the actress who portrayed the young vampire Claudia in the 1994 movie "Interview with the Vampire"? Kirsten Dunst

15- What 2010 psychological horror film contains a son that astral projected into a realm called "The Further"? Insidious

16- What are the 3 simple rules for taking care of a mogwai that must never be broken in the movie "Gremlins"? No bright light, don't get wet and don't feed after midnight

17- What is the name of the demon clown who terrorizes the children of Derry, Maine in Stephen King's "It"? Pennywise the dancing clown

18- What are the names of the demon hunting brothers in the television series "Supernatural"? Sam & Dean Winchester

19- What series of children's horror books is written by author R.L. Stine? Goosebumps

20- Who wrote the 1981 film "An American Werewolf in London"? John Landis

21- Michael Myers' mask is supposedly based on what famous actor? William Shatner

22- What was Leatherface's weapon of choice? Chainsaw

23- Who directed the original 1978 version of "Halloween"? John Carpenter

24- What post-apocalyptic horror tv show is based on the comic book series created by Robert Kirkman? The Walking Dead

25- The late Aaliyah starred in which 2002 movie based on the Anne Rice book series "The Vampire Chronicles"? Queen of the Damned

26- What holiday themed movie contained five interwoven stories that occur on the same block, on the same night? Trick 'r Treat

27- What was the name of the possessed doll in the 2013 movie "The Conjuring"? Annabelle

28- "Whatever you do, don't fall asleep." Name the movie. A Nightmare On Elm Street

29- Vincent Price starred in this 1959 ghostly classic and invited 5 people to survive the night. House on Haunted Hill

30- What Duffer Brothers TV show takes place in Hawkins, IN and features a young boy's disappearance? Stranger Things

31- What Wes Craven movie was inspired by the true story of a wild Scottish clan who murdered and cannibalized numerous people during the Middle Ages? The Hills Have Eyes

Final Thoughts

For someone that loves Halloween and Horror, I thought "man, this game will be super easy."  Boy, was I wrong.  The questions range from all types of horror from movies, books, comics, and tv shows.  It took awhile before I was able to answer 2 questions on a single card and collecting a single weapon.  This is a great game to break out when you have a bunch of horror lovers around or when it is spooky season.  The rules of the game are straight forward and easy to get a game started.  Be sure to check this game out as well as the other games in the Endless Games catalog.
Horror Trivia 4


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