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 Trust Me Im A Superhero Cover

Trust Me, I am a Superhero
Designer(s) Jack Ford Morgan Artist(s) Alison Meyers Publisher

Half Monster Games

3-6 Everyone! 30m

Not all superheroes are created equally and sometimes a hero is only good in certain circumstances. In Trust Me, I'm a Superhero, you combine Super and Power cards to create a unique hero to save the day; the Director will send you out to save people if your powers are suitable for their Call for Help. Argue with the other heroes stating why you should be the hero for the job, but ultimately, you must convince the Director that you are the right choice.

Trust Me Im A Superhero1Box and Components

We are reviewing a prototype for this game so what is described may not be what is in the final product; however, we have recently reviewed another game from Half Monster Games and expect the quality to be the same in this game.  

The box for the prototype is sized to fit two decks of cards beside each other. The illustration on the box is of generic comic super heroes; it even has a bit of a comic book vibe with the layout. 

The prototype came with 150 Super cards, 150 Power cards, 72 Call for Help cards, and 1 Rule card. 

The simple illustration shows a person at the bottom of the card and the Call for Help phrase in a comic style text bubble. The Super and Power cards have a couple words very vaguely describing the abilities of each. The illustrations match the text of the card with the Hero being a silhouette allowing the players to imagine what they look like. 

The rules are on a single double sided card; I was happy to see this was the way it was done in this game. Unlike Trust Me, I'm a Doctor which included two single sided card which could easily be mixed in to another deck by accident, this rule card should be easier to spot if your cards get mixed together. I think it would be good if they changed the color of the card border to help with this even more, but we will see what the final product looks like. 

Again, this is a prototype, but the quality of Trust Me, I'm a Doctor was very good so I have no doubt that the final format of Trust Me, I'm a Superhero will be similar.

 Trust Me Im A Superhero2  Trust Me Im A Superhero3


Gameplay is very similar to some of the other debate style party games (such as Trust Me, I'm A Doctor, Superfight, or Red Flags). Simply put, one player will play a Call for Help card, and other players will play their super power cards and debate. The first player to save three people wins the game. The first player is whoever last saw a super hero movie.

Game Round

  1. Trust Me Im A Superhero4The active player (Director) will draw 3 Call for Help cards and select one to play by placing it facedown. Discard the remaining cards. 
  2. The other players will draw up to five Super and five Power cards; they will select their favorite combination of one Super and one Power card to play that turn for their hero by placing them facedown. Obviously, you won't know who your hero is saving until the Call for Help is revealed. 
  3.  The Director will reveal the Call for Help card, and each Hero will reveal their super powers. Players will start debating who has the correct super powers to save the day. Players should really get into their characters and have fun with their debates. 
  4. Once the Director is ready, they will select which Hero will save them by giving them the Call for Help card. The winner of that turn becomes the Director for the next turn. 

Gameplay will resume in this manner until one player has been awarded three Call for Help cards. 

As with most party games, there is nothing preventing players from changing the rules for the end of game condition such as requiring more points or playing for a set number of rounds.

Final Thoughts

I enjoy these games, but many are generic without much of a theme. However, Trust Me, I'm a Superhero presents a fun theme that give some variety to this genre. Unlike many party card games, Trust Me, I'm a Superhero is actually suitable for children, which I think is a big plus. 

If you enjoy party games, the super hero genre, and enjoy a little role playing, I recommend looking into Trust Me, I'm a Superhero when the game hits Kickstarter on October 27th, 2020. 

Trust Me Im A Superhero Portrait


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