Writing Articles

Drafting a New Article

Under the User Menu on the website, you will see a Create a New Article link. After you save your article, you should be able to find your article within Draft Articles link under the User Menu.



When you are starting a new article, you will want to click one of the template buttons to have a pre-generate templates loaded. There may be more templates added in the future. As of writing this section, there are two available. 

These templates aren't required, but they do provide a basic framework to help keep content consistent. The editor is pretty straight forward, but there are a few things to be desired. I sometimes draft content in Word and copy and paste it into this editor before saving. 



Articles should only be published by Brian and other editors to allow for content to be scheduled for release. Make sure to click on the Publishing Tab and ensure the Category is set to Uncategorised and Status is set to Unpublished


Images and Media

This text editor is sometimes weird so if you have issues posting images; feel free to place notes in your article, send the images to Brian, and he will insert them into the articles before publishing. If you do get the images embedded correctly, resize the images to be a 400 max height to allow for better article layout. It works much like any other editor drawing the corners and ensure the second number is 400 or less. 


In a lot of places, I try to use the WVU colors since that is our state colors basically; use the following as a guide for that. 

Blue (RGB code) 0 40 85 (Hex code) #002855

Gold (RGB code) 234 170 0 (Hex code) #EAAA00


General Resources

Signing Up for Media Mail or Request Review Copies of Games

When signing up for reviews, recommend using the distribution list that includes both Brian and Amanda's email addresses: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Update the Game Review Request Queue google sheet with any companies signed up for. 

If they request a phone number, use ‪(681) 214-0473; this is a Google voice number tied to Brian's phone. 


Additionally, Indie Game Alliance has put together a list of designers that are looking for reviewers for their games. Here is the link to that page: https://www.indiegamealliance.com/games/seekingreviewer.php


WVGamers Webmail

Those provided a WVGamers web email address will sign into the email formatted as This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; the link to the webmail can be found under the user menu.