In 2012, the WVGamers Extra Life team was created roughly two weeks prior to the 24 hour game event. The teams event was hosted at Brian Moats and Amanda Jones house and involved a total 10 gamers. The group primilarily played video games ranging from Super Smash Bros, Super Sonic Battle Cars, Marvel vs Capcom, Borderlands, and dozens of other games ranging from PS1 to Nintendo Wii titles. Brian and his friend James managed to stay away and gamed the entire 24 hours. The team was able to raise $200. 2013-2016 followed the same format while adding card and board games. 

Extra Life is an amazing charity that was created in 2008 in Orange, TX to honor a young girl by the name Victoria.  She was stuck in the hospital fighting cancer and one of the hospital employees got the idea to do something that would impact the children that are stuck in the hospital and lift their spirits.  They began raising money through gaming, mostly video games that ended up forming the Extra Life charity.  The funds that were raised were then used to purchase game systems that children that were in the hospital could use. Unfortunately, Victoria ended up passing away from her illness in 2008.  Her short life, however, has made such an impact in all Extra Life gamers around the world.  She is remembered annually in the platinum fundraising t-shirts where some where on the shirt her name appears.

In October 2012, the WVGamers Extra Life team was created by Brian Moats and Amanda Jones.