Think you are good with tongue twisters?  Wait until you toss in some dexterity game play, be prepared for a challenge!

 Kamba Cover

KAMBA (2019)
Designer(s) Andrew Bryceson Artist(s) Go For It Games Publisher

Go For It Games

4-10 8+ 20-30m

 KAMBA is a new party game that combines cards, tongue twisters, and dexterity for an unique experience.

Box and ComponentsKamba004

The box size is roughtly 4 inches by 3 inches and consists of 72 cards.  In this game, there are ten sets of cards with the backs containing a letter each of the word "KAMBA" on the opposite side have tongue twisters (more on that in Mechanics), 10 splat cards that look like green slime, and ten cards that contain a picture of a mallet.  There is one card that has the initial set up of the game pictured with a statement "full rules at".  The last card is a Happy and Unhappy card for those that are happy with the game and if they are unhappy with the game.  The unhappy side instructs players to reach out to them via their email and let them know what you didn't like of the game.   The happy side is how you can direct your friends or family on how to purchase the game themselves.



 Kamba005This game has a neat concept to it.  When you first set up the game, each player will have five cards that have the backs of each letter showing "KAMBA" face down. Each player will also have one splat card and one mallet card.  The splat cards need to be within reach of the yourself as well as your neighbor on either side of you. 

You will repeat a chant "Kamba, ba, Kamba, ba, Kamba, Kamba, Kamba, Ba." With each word, you will take the mallet card in your hand and proceed to hit your mallet on your own splat card and continue going back and forth between your splat card and your neighbors splat card.  On the last "Ba" you will let go of your mallet on your neighbors splat card.  This play will continue until someone messes up.  Once someone messes up, you will end this chant and flip over one of the KAMBA cards in front of the player that messed up.  There is a new chant on it that everyone must now say, which will follow the same pattern as the original.  Game play continues until one player has flipped over all of their KAMBA cards.  Whomever flips the last card over looses and everyone else is a winner.Kamba002


Final Thoughts

This game has such a neat concept to the traditional "tounge twisters." I love when games incoroprate dexterity elements; it keeps players engaged throughout the entire game. The artwork on the cards is interesting; I like how the pictures incorporate the "tongue twisters" so you have an idea of what they tongue twisters actually mean. I am horrible with tongue twisters, but I love dexterity games. So you are not only trying to maintain the "current" tongue twister but also making sure you release your mallet on your neighbors card when you need to. Give KAMBA a shot if you like unique challeges. 


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