Want to keep up with the Jones? How about you play some classic card games re-designed for people name Jones.

Happy Jones Families/Go Fish For a Jones (2015)

Designer(s) Go For It Games Team Artist(s) Go For It Games Team Publisher

Go For It Games

2-6 5+ 10-20m

I’ve been a Jones going on 35 years. It’s a very common name; I’m proud to have this name, super easy to pronounce, super easy to spell. This game Happy Jones Families is a new take on the classic American card game “Go Fish.” There are different “sets” of Jones’ in the deck and each “set” is made up of different cards or roles such as Mr. Jones, Mrs. Jones, Master Jones and Miss. Jones. Each sete has a different style; I am really fond of the Halloween set cause I am a Halloween-aholic. The artwork is amazing, and I love that each family member gets a different take on the holiday or activity. There are additional cards in the box to create your own. They have the black border.

The cool thing about this deck is it also comes with rules for the British version of “Go Fish” called “Happy Families.”  It’s very similar in to Go Fish, but you are trying to collect completed families, such as all four of the Halloween cards, or all four of the Cookout cards.

Box and Components

The game consists of 13 different sets that each contain 4 family members. A cute thing the company also puts in with the game is a piece of wrapping paper with the last name plastered all over it for a nice added touch for gift giving. It is a nice added touch to a special gift for any family member.

My only issue with the game is that the instructions are printed on the same style of cards, single sided as the rest of the cards. If you don’t watch for all the “instruction” cards, you may accidentally shuffle them into playing cards. Maybe a suggestion would be make them double sided or make an instruction booklet for them. I’m sure it may have been easier and more cost efficient to print them this way. The rest of the instructions were straight forward and consistent.



Go Fish For a "Jones"

Collect the most of a set of cards in a book; a set consists of Master, Miss, Mr. and Mrs that share the same color, number, and theme.

This version is good for 2-6 players and uses 13 family sets. Set up consists of shuffling the cards and dealing out a particular number of cards to the players.  In a 2/3-player game, you’ll deal out 7 cards, and in 4+ player games, it will be 5 cards dealt. The remaining cards will be the draw pile (face down, of course) and can be placed in the center of the table so all players can reach it. All players are allowed to look at their cards, but keep them to yourself. Once players have had an opportunity to look at their cards, play begins with the player to the left of the dealer. That player may ask for a certain set, the example in the rules is “Do you have any Joneses at Christmas?” or “Do you have any sixes?” from one particular person. In order to ask for that specific theme or number, the asker must have at least 1 of those cards in their hand. The player that was asked will then proceed to hand over any of the cards of that theme or number, or if they do not have them, they can tell the active player “Go Fish." If the active player is told to “Go Fish,” they then draw from the face down pile. If the card that is drawn matches what they asked for, their turn continues. However, if it does not, then the player that was asked previously goes next.  

Once a player receives the 4th card in a set, they place them down in front of them and continue their turn. A player that runs out of card must draw a card from the draw pile and continues their turn. When the draw pile runs out of cards, the game is over; the person with the most completed sets wins!

Happy "Jones" Families

This game is designed for 3 or more players. You will use 11 families (1 through 11, families 12 and 13 can be returned to the box). You will take the families number 1 to 11, shuffle them together, and then deal the cards equally as possible to all players. The player to the left of the dealer is start player. 

The active player starts by asking any player for a specific card, the example in the instructions: “Do you have Master Jones at Christmas?” The active player must have at least one of that families cards in their hand to be able to ask for a card of that theme. If the player that was asked has the card, they will give it to the active player. If the active player receives the card, they continue their turn.  If they do not receive a card from the player asked, their turn ends, and the one that was asked for the card will state “Sorry, not at home.” The game will continue in this manner. If a player receives the 4th card in that theme such as “Joneses at Christmas,” they can lay the set down in front of them and say “Happy Family.” When all sets have been completed game play ends, and the person with the most completed sets wins!


Differences Between the Two Games

Both games play almost identically except in a couple areas:

Cards Dealt

In Happy Families, all cards are dealt out at the beginning of the game. In Go Fish, only 5/7 cards (depending on player count) are dealt out, and the rest of the cards become a draw pile to be used throughout the game. 

Asking for Cards

In Happy Families, the active player asks another player for a specific card (e.g. Master Jones at Christmas), and in Go Fish, the rules are a little easier requiring the active player to ask for a general trait of a card (e.g. Joneses at Christmas) increasing the likelihood of getting a card from other players. 

End Game Trigger

In Happy Families, end game is triggered once all sets are played, and in Go Fish, end game is triggered once the draw pile runs out.

Final Thoughts

These games are light-hearted and great to play with other family members; it is a cute re-skin of two classic card games. It is also possible US players may play Happy Families for the first time thanks to this set. I will definitely be bringing this game to family functions to share with my cousins. The neat thing about this game is the company has other last names decks available as well. So, if you have a sister getting ready to be married, you can give her a game with her new last name to cherish.  

Give this game a try and check out the company's other games they have available in this style, and see if they have a set with your family name.


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