The League of Board Gaming Champions is a local board gaming group based in Barbour County, West Virginia. This group of gamers is made up of friends meet every other week at local restaurants by ordering dinner and playing games together. They rotate through different restaurants in Philippi, WV and Belington, WV. Some local establishments that these events were held out: Wanderlust Coffee Shop, Little Moe’s, Margarita’s and Barb’s Diner. Game Night’s consisted of Trivia Night, Adult Themed Night, and Harry Potter.

We look forward to seeing this group grow in the coming years; they are a great group that welcomes anyone and everyone to the table to play. Be sure to check out their facebook page for scheduled events.

The League of Board Gaming Champions Facebook Page

1d4cast is a podcast that has been devoted to RPGs since 2010. They started by reviewing tabletop pen/paper/dice games, as well as minimal discussion of board games and video games. Their format has changed a little over the years switching between reviewing games, discussing various topics, and running live roleplay sessions. They are also the group that created 1d4Con; a great convention we are also major supporters of. If you are into podcasts and gaming, you should check them out. 

1d4Cast Website

 Random Geek Culture in West Virginia (RGCWV) is a podcast that aims to tell its listeners about fun topics of current hot topics in the geek nation from the perspective of a couple of West Virginia boys. They have covered topics such as retro and modern gaming; movies and shows; nerdy gadgets; and more. 

RGCWV Facebook Page

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CharCon was founded in 2006 and has been held each year since in Charleston, WV. 

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