Just when you think your theme park has won, new parks pop up with new exciting themes!

 Unfair Expansion Cover

Unfair Expansion: Alien, B-Movie, Dinosaur, Western (2018)
Designer(s) Joel Finch Artist(s) Nicole Castles, Lina Cossette, David Forest, Philippe Poirier Publisher

Good Games Publishing

2-5 14+ 50-125m

Unfair Exp 1This Unfair Expansion adds in 4 new themes that can be used with any of the other existing Unfair theme decks and add in a few new exciting mechanics. In our games, I have found I really enjoy the Alien theme set with its new "currency." 

Box and Components

This set came in a box about the same height as the base game, but roughly half the width. Everything about it is as good of quality as the original, but I did take the theme decks and added them to my base box, though the tokens were the trick part of merging everything in one box. 

This expansion adds 4 additional themes that can be used with the base games 6 themes adding a lot of potential combinations. It also comes with a handful of new tokens. 

  •  4 Decks of 57 cards
  • 5 Game Changer Cards
  • Multiple Alien Influence tokens
  •  Alien Abduction Marker and Reminder Standee
  • Dinosaur Roll Marker and Reminder Standee
  • Theme Randomizer Tokens

 The 4 new themes each have their own unique mechanics:

Unfair Exp 2Alien: Has a new currently called alien influence that is earned through Alien attractions and events (discussed more later). Additionally, this theme adds the abduction mechanic that can cause staff members to be taken from their owner and re-shuffled into the park deck. 

B-Movie: Adds in a new panorama scoring mechanic that can offer major points at the end of the game if you focus on building the panoramas that each theme has; the more completed cards in the panorama in the correct order, the more points. This theme also allows for empty spaces to be left in the park to increase the chances of building the panorama, but there is a 3 coin cost to this ability per space left. 

Dinosaur: Has high star value attractions that come at a risk. Because the attraction includes living, hostile creatures, there is a risk each round that they will break out and cause issues for the park. Also, instead of including super attractions, this theme has replacement main gates that either increase the guest capacity size of the park or shrink the park but offers a higher payout. 

Western: Offers the ability to grow beyond the printed park size and allows for some free quality upgrades thanks for certain park card abilities. This theme also include a panorama set of cards that can be arranged in any order, which works very well with the B-Movie perk of allowing scoring with the panoramas. 


We recently reviewed the Unfair base game. Instead of re-writing all about the games mechanics, I suggest reading the base game review for those details.  Our Unfair Review!

Notable changes in this expansion:

  • Unfair Exp 3Alien Influence is a new currently used for buying some alien themed park cards and some abilities on cards. Alien Influence is also worth 2 VP at the end of the game; so unlike money that is essentially only worth 1/2 a VP per coin, Alien Influence can make a big difference during final scoring. 
  • Panorama have been a part of the game since the base game, but it was more of a cool thing to try to pull off. Essentially, certain attractions are part of a panorama to create a nice looking image when next to each other. In this expansion, the B-Movie enables the ability to award points for parks that contain panorama's. The panorama does not need to be from the B-Movie set, but the B-Movie theme deck must be one that is in use during that game. Points are awarded for partially complete and complete panoramas and can award 5 to 60 points depending on the size. 
  • The Clean Up phase now has a distinct order. Before, the Clean Up phase could be interrupted as have no set order and could be done in any order. With this expansion, that rule has been corrected and now has a set sequence that must be followed. Refer to page 4 of the expansion manual for the specific details; newer prints of the base game may also have this correction in place. 
  • There are new attraction types: Billboards and Store Attractions. There is also a new Theme Wildcard that can be considered any single theme for use with certain cards. 
  • Developments are a new card type that work similar to staff members and do not count against the size of your park. They provide different benefits. 
  • The expansion also adds in new Game Changer cards that augment the way the game is played depending on the one(s) selected. They can add additional themes used in smaller player counts, augment the rules of certain phases of the game, allow a preview of city cards a round before they hit to allow for planning, and so on. It is an interesting addition that I can see a lot of people enjoying. 

 There are some additional changes, but most are pretty minor and can be found with the expansion rules. 

End Game Scoring Updates

The following are additional scoring options:

  • Players will receive 2 points for each Alien Influence at the end of the game.
  • Panorama Bonus (when using a theme with this bonus listed on its theme card): 

 Cards Assembled

2 Cards

3 Cards

4 Cards

5 Cards

6 Cards

Partial Panorama 

5 points

10 points

25 points

35 points

45 points

Complete Panorama 

10 points

20 points

40 points

60 points


Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed the base game themes, but I have really enjoyed the new mechanics that were added in with some of these themes. As stated above, I really enjoyed the inclusion of the Alien Influence. I also found the Dinosaurs to add a bit of risk/reward to the game that was enjoyable. It was rare when we encountered a problem with the dinosaurs breaking out, but the fear was there. I also like that they made panorama worth something. Before it was just a nice scene to try to setup, but now you really want to take advantage of it and build your park to get those precious points. 

Overall, I found this expansion to be a worthy add-on to an already really fun game. If you have played Unfair but haven't got this expansion yet, I would highly recommend looking up the rules on the Unfair website and deciding if you would enjoy the new mechanics introduced. I honestly think I will tend to play with at least one of the expansions themes in most future games. 
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