Have you ever had that horrible situation happen that you are just doing your business on the toilet, finish up your paperwork, and go to flush only to be surprised with water splashing onto the floor...yeah, not fun...unless it is a card game!

Poop The Game Cover

Poop The Game (various releases)
Designer(s) Blaise Sewell Artist(s) Blaise Sewell Publisher

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2-5 (10 with 2 packs)

5+ 15-25m

Clogged toilets are messy, disgusting, and really funny with it isn't your toilet and it happens to someone else. Luckily, Poop: The Game is a game where your actual toilet is being destroyed so you can have fun with it. The idea of the game is to not be the one clogging the toilet and make sure you get your bowels (or your hand of cards) nice and empty to win. This game makes me think of that Mario Party game where you are blowing up the balloons and trying to avoid being the person to make it pop, but in this game, it is with toilets. 

10Box and Components

The components are just cards in a standard playing cards. I was very surprised to see the cards are a nice linen card stock; the cards feel very good and look great with the artwork really popping on them. The rules are also on cards, which are double sided and a different color so they won't easily get mixed in with the other cards.

There are 3 main types of cards in the game:

  • Poop Cards: There are the cards that are in the players hands. Most have a poop graphic and a number (Poop Number) on them. There are also special cards that do things like skipping players turns, reversing, wild cards, and so on (I tend to think of Uno special cards when looking at these). 
  • Toilet Cards: These are the cards that will be on the table in front of the players requiring players to play Poop cards on them. If the Clog Number on the toilet is ever met/exceeded by the total of the Poop cards, the toilet becomes clogged. 
  • Reference Cards: There are reference cards for the players and variant rules. Each game comes with variant rules, but I am not 100% if each version comes with new rules or each game comes with the same variant. 

5 1

We were provided the POOP: Kawaii Edition and Poop: Public Restroom Edition. I love the Kawaii version; it was the version I was really hoping to receive and review. It is essentially a Japanese version that even has Japanese text on the cards with a player reference that translates the cards. Luckily, this game isn't very language dependent so once you know the cards, you won't have any issues knowing what they do. The illustrations for this version are very cutesy Japanese style with very cartoonish expressions. If you have played Sushi Go or have seen any Japanese children shows (not necessarily anime we typically think of), then you will really enjoy this specific set. From what I can tell without being familiar with the base game, this is mostly just a reskinned version of that. So you can't go wrong with either version. 

The Public Restroom edition is an English version that is a standalone expansion. The illustrations represent traditional public restrooms like at restaurants with stalls, out houses, porta potties, and so on. It also introduces a few new Special cards that weren't in the other versions of the game that are things that would happen when you are out in public such has having a baby with a diaper incident, toilets being occupied, and providing stool samples.  There are also new actions to be performed with the wild cards. We will get into what all this means in the Mechanics section. 

Overall, I am really pleased with the quality of both versions of the game, and now I need to pick up the other versions at some point.  


Something interesting about this game is there are Rule Remix cards included with each game that provided a new way to play the game. I will explain the rules based on the basic rules, but there are 3-5 different rules in each game so you will have a fair bit of replayability. The goal of the basic game is to be the first player to empty their hand. 


  1. Separate the Poop and Toilet cards into two decks and shuffle them; they will have different colored backs. 
  2. Deal each player 5 poop cards and place the remaining within reach of all players. 
  3. Flip over one toilet card in the middle of the table (this number varies between versions). 

Decide on a first player and begin. 

Player Turns

Player turns are very straight forward; a player must play a Poop card onto a Toilet card. After the card is played, the following needs to be considered in roughly this order:

  1. If the card played is the third in a row of a single colored Poop Card (such as the 3rd blue Poop Card), then the toilet is Flushed and is not clogged. Each other player must draw a card from the Poop Deck, and the cards on all toilets are discarded. The round continues with the same Toilet Card, and the player who flushed the toilet begins the round by playing another card. 
  2. If the card played is a wild card, perform the action of that wild card as described on the card; wild cards do not have a Poop value and cannot cause a clog themselves (though their effects may). Wild cards may skip the next players turn, reverse the order of play, count as 0 for the Poop Number but require the player to make a noise or perform an action on each of their turns, block a toilet from being played on by other players, and so on.
    • 0 numbered Wild Cards have an action or a sound that must be performed on that player's turn who used the card. If on any turn that action is not performed and another player calls them out, the "Wild" player must draw a card. This continues until the end of the round (I assume) or until another player plays that same wild card. 
    • It isn't clear whether or not the effects of a Wild Card trigger if it is the card that causes a Flush, but I imagine it likely does not since the round ends when Flushed. This is something that is not clear in the rules, but I will reach out to clarify and will update this section once I know for sure. 
  3. If the card played causes the total Poop Number to exceed the Clog Number, then that toilet is clogged. The player who clogged the toilet takes all of the cards from that toilet into their hand. The Toilet Card is replaced with a new Toilet Card, and the next round begins with the player who clogged the toilet. 
  4. If you played your last card and did not clog the toilet, you win the game. 
  5. If none of the conditions above happen, then play continues to the next player. 

 Play continues in this fashion until one player has empties their bowel...I mean...their hand. The first to empty their hand wins!

Versions and Alternate Rules

As mentioned earlier, there are different versions of the game. We have been reviewing the Kawaii and Public Restroom versions. There is also a base Poop Game, Party Pooper, and Caca! El Juego (Spanish version). While each deck supports 2-5 players, you can mix any two decks to support up to 10 players. Again, each version has a unique twist on the rules that can be used with any version and adds additional remix rules, their unique wild cards, different artwork, and a slightly different feel. 

Poop4 Poop5

I won't go through each of the Remix Rules, but I will touch on two just to provide an idea of the variants provided. Each are minor alterations to the game, but they provide a unique twist to the game. There is even a Drinking Remix because of course there is. 

The Blind Pooper and The Poop Patrol (Remix #2)

This is played pretty much the same as the base game, but one player is playing the Poop Patrol. The Poop Patrol is the only one that knows the Clog Number of the toilet. Other players play as normal, but once a player exceeds the Clog Number, the Poop Patrol flips over the Toilet Card forcing that player to take all of the Poop Cards. The Poop Patrol may also call out players if they don't perform the special actions of their Wild Cards on their turn. 

The Interceptor (Remix #3)

This is played mostly the same as the base game, but includes a few new rules/actions. If a card just played matches exactly to one in your hand, you can shout "Interception" and play that card from your hand. When doing this, the initial card is discarded from the stack and replaced with your card. This means if your intercept and cause the toilet to clog, you take all of the cards and follow the clog rules with you beginning the next round. Interceptions must be called before the next player plays their card. 

Final Thoughts

I found this game to be a lot of fun. I am very happy with the Kawaii version of the game because I love the artwork and can learn a few Japanese words while enjoying the game. The game is silly and light hearted; there is no reason anyone should have any trouble learning the game. There are a few places in the rules that aren't 100% clear, but they are minor enough that you can agree to house rules for those few unanswered bits of the rules. To me, this is a twist on Uno following many of the same concepts, but there are enough differences to make the game feel fresh (or dirty since it is poop). 

If I pick up the other versions of the game, I will do individual reviews for each version and go through the remixes included with each game and the unique Special Poop cards. 

If you enjoy a silly and quick party game, I highly recommend this. It is about poop, but nothing is over the top that should make it inappropriate for most groups. It should be very quick to teach and jump into. It fits easily in a pocket, small bag, big bag, or even a purse. Check out the links below to pick up your copy of this game. 



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