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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information

A gamer for over 30 years.

Brian is a huge fan of JRPG and Metroidvania video games; he has a collection of over 1,200 physical video games largely comprised of JRPGs from the NES era to Nintendo Switch/PS5/Xbox Series. Since 2016, board game have become a big part of his life after being introduced to modern board games by a friend (Ticket to Ride, Pandemic) and later a wider variety of games thanks to the WV Nerd Herd. Brian is a volunteer for Double Exposure Envoy, Indie Games Alliance, Steve Jackson MIB, and a few other game demo programs. These programs have provided the opportunity to play and teach over 400 different board games at his local game stores as well as large conventions such as GenCon, Origins, and PAX Unplugged. 

Since 2012, Brian and Amanda have been heavily involved in Extra Life, which is a charity program raising money for their local children's hospital via gaming. They created a team called WVGamers, and the team has raised over 20k since they started. Both are also heavily involved in the WVU Extra Life Guild supporting the many other gamers across the state. 

In 2019, Brian started working with an up and coming game designer, Jon Usiak. Brian initially playtested his game that was in development called SKEPTICS. Brian overtime transitioned from playtester to lead editor and finally to business lead helping run the Kickstarter and post campaign customer support. The game raised over 46k, which was 2.5x the initial project goal.

In 2020, Brian and Amanda decided to start the WVGamers website to share their passion for gaming and technology with others

Brian has four Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Science, Mathematics, Business Administration, and Marketing as well as a Masters in Software Engineering.