AEG's New Game, Shake That City, Coming to Kickstarter

(Nevada, USA – Thursday, 27 October, 2022):  Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) is proud to announce our next game, Shake that City, coming to Kickstarter November 29th

Shake that City is a family puzzly tile-laying game for 2-5 players, that plays under an hour! Players take the roles of city planners, challenged to design the best city block, using patterns from the new and exciting "Cube Shaker". 

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Shake That City is played over a series of rounds. The active player shakes the Cube Shaker and presses its slider to reveal a 3×3 pattern, based on which they need to place the corresponding building tiles of a single color of their choice on their board. The building tiles correspond to roads, factories, shops, parks and of course, homes. The other players then pick any building color other than the one the active player picked, then place matching colored tiles in the matching pattern on their board. Players earn points for tile-placement combinations and for the completed bonus point tiles around the edge of their board.

The game is designed by Mads Fløe, designer of Ka Pai and Vaccine, and Kåre Torndahl Kjær, who is making his debut! The art for the game was made by Olga Kim, and along with the clean graphic design by Jay Hernishin, they have achieved an easy on the eyes, aesthetically appealing look.

The game is designed by Mads Fløe, designer of Ka Pai and Vaccine, and Kåre Torndahl Kjær, who is making his debut!

With more than xx different city combinations, in Shake that City you can make your dream city block a reality! Combine houses, parks, shops, factories and roads in the best possible way, gather the most points and become known as the best city planner!

 "A shaker, with a gimmick, that drops cubes from the bottom, to tell you what actions you can take and what tiles you can take, I loved it! I love this gimmick, so good!"
-- Jason, The Boardgame Mechanics
Shake that City, our next game on the heels of the very successful reprint and expansion campaign for Dead Reckoning, will come to Kickstarter in November 29th 2022. The main KS pledge will be $29 and backers will also have the chance to pick a very limited number of signed copies of the game! What's the city of your dreams made of?