Let's get to the dungeon, to take the dough. Racing towards level 10, to defeat your foe! Let's use our Disney Magic and jump into the game.


Disney Munchkin Cover

Munchkin Disney (2020)
Designer(s) Steve Jackson Artist(s) The OP Publisher

The OP

3-6 10+ 40-60m

In Munchkin Disney, you are jumping feet first into the wonderful, magical world of Disney and fight familiar bad guys to acquire treasure and gain levels.  However, watch out your opponents could play cards against you to make your battle harder. The first player that reaches level 10 wins and is crowned a super Disney fan; so let's check out the full game.

Box and Components

122921431 992685844578750 7880463297625799374 nThe box is a beautiful blue color and is roughly 9 inches tall by 6 inches wide by 2 inches deep.  I love the art on the front of the box that consists of a magical door with Mickey Mouse's ears on it with snow that looks similar to Elsa's snow from the Disney movie Frozen.  The back of the box contains the basic rules of the game, enough that you can get started with the game upon opening.  When you open the box, if you are familiar with other Munchkin boxes, you will see that it has the familiar insert with the larger area in the top to hold the die, role cards and the plastic tracker markers.  Then the bottom half of the box is divided into two to separate decks for the treasure cards and door cards.  

This game comes with 6 level trackers/role cards that will be used by each player in the game that also provides an ability that can be used at different times throughout the game.  Read the abilities to see when they can take place.  These cards are a little thinner and may be prone to bending; the back of the card has a glossy design. There are also 6 clear markers that will be used to track your levels during the game.  When you go up a level, you will move the marker up from level 1 to level 2 then progress up to level 10.  The game comes with the traditional 6 sided Munchkin die.  I love the color of this die; it's a pretty blue that is similar in color to the game box with yellow pips in color. The 1 on the die is actually the Munchkin logo. There are 72 treasure cards and 96 door cards for a total of 168 cards. 


I am not going to go over every rule in Munchkin Disney because most Munchkin games follow a standard set of rules; we will do a standard Munchkin rules review and link it here in the future. For now, I will point out unique rules for this version and the basics of Munchkin; please read the rulebook for more clarification and information.

Game Setup 

  1. Separate the door cards and the treasure cards into 2 stacks.  Be sure to shuffle the cards to give them a good mix up.  Put these 2 stacks within the reach of all players as well as the 6 sided die.
  2. Deal 4 cards from each stack to each player, 4 door cards and 4 treasure cards.
  3. Deal 1 role card at random to each player as well as 1 plastic tracker.

At the start of the game, players can play any of the 8 cards in their hand that they are allowed to equip.  In order to play them, you must lay them in front of you.  The cards laying in front of you are in play.  These can include:

  • Class card, typically only 1 unless you have a card that states more than 1 can be played.
  • Motivation card, that are target of certain effects on cards. 
  • Ally cards, again typically only 1 unless you have a card that states that more than 1 can be played. 
  • Useable items, which includes
    • Head gear
    • Foot gear
    • Hand equipment, which depicts 1 hand or 2 hands, typically you can only hold 1 item that has 2 hands or 2 items with 1 hand each, however there is a card that allows for more items to be held.
  • Munchkin suggests the person that can name the most Disney villains in 30 seconds can go first but you can use whatever fashion you would like to decide on first player.

Player Turns

There are 3 phases that take place during each players turn. 

1. Kick Open the Door

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On your turn, you will kick open the door.  In this manner, you will turn over a door card and show it to everyone.  This is public knowledge.  If it is a villain you must fight it.  To fight the villain, all of the cards powers/abilities that you have played in front of you will be added together with your character level.  If you meet or succeed the villain level you win.  You will gain the level(s) depicted on the card (if it doesn't state level you gain 1 level) and gain the number of treasure cards indicated on the card.  However, if you are slightly off, you can run away from the villain or ask for help from another player. 

  • If you run away, you will roll the 6 sided die and see if you succeed on running away and if you fail the bad stuff happens on the villain card.  This could be loosing your class or head gear. 
  • If you ask for assistance from your opponents, they can decide if they want to help you or not.  They can ask for some of the treasure (or something you already have) in exchange for assisting you with the villain.

The drawn card could also be a curse that will impact you in various ways. 

2. Look for Trouble or Loot the Room

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If the card you drew when kicking in the door wasn't a villain card or a curse, then that card is added to your hand.  You can then decide if you would like to either:

  • Look for trouble, which you play a monster from your hand and fight it.
  • You can loot the room by drawing a second card from the door deck face down so no one knows what you drew.  

3. Charity

At the end of your turn if you are over your hand limit (typically 5), you must play cards out of your hand to get to 5 or less cards.  If you are unable to reduce to your hand limit, you can select excess cards and give them to your opponent that is at the lowest level.  If there is a tie, you will divide the cards equally between the tied players.  If however, you are the lowest level player, you will just discard your extra cards.  Once the "charity" phase ends, play continues to the next player.

Game End

The game ends whenever the first player reaches level 10 wins.  However, you must reach the 10th level by defeating a monster, unless a card specifically allows you to win another way.  

122889093 713002606238191 6542529288537710808 nUnique Rules of Munchkin Disney

This game offers some additional cards and abilities that are not traditionally found in Munchkin games.  There is an ability called "Disney Magic," this is triggered if the owner of the card quotes a line from a Disney movie or sings/hums a song from a Disney movie. However, you can't repeat a line or song that has already been used in the game.  I really like this was added cause I am a big fan of Disney movies and can break out in song just by reading the cards in some cases.

There are also motivation cards that are traits that impact and are impacted by other cards and abilities. There is Love, Adventure, Family, and Inspiration.  

Final Thoughts

We have played a lot of different variants of Munchkin.  This one is high up on my favorite list due to its theme.  The artwork is beautiful as it depicts a number of the villains as well as characters that can be found throughout the long history of Disney movies.  I like that this version is a little more family friendly, as it should be due to the theme, than traditional Munchkin games.  If you have never played a Munchkin game, I highly suggest giving Munchkin Disney a try to dip your toes into the Munchkin world. 

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