13...lucky 13, the Ghoul will see you now! 


Designer(s) Vincent Baker Artist(s) Abby Edwards Publisher

Vindicated Entertainment

2-10 7+ 5-30m

Ghoullotine is a fast paced card game similar in style as the card game "Blackjack" where players are trying to push their opponents over the total count of 13 to eliminate them from the game.  Game are played until best 3 out of 5 games.  Whomever is victorous is the Ghoullist of them all.

Box and Components

The prototype that I received of the game was a print and play version; therefore, I cannot speak on the quality of the cards that will be available once it succeeds on Kickstarter or the material/design of the box. The game comes with a score tracker that is numbered 1 through 13 and contains positive/negative spots, more on that aspect in mechanics, which also has the Wendigo artwork on it. 

The game comes with 40 single cards that have different numerical values: -6, -3, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and ?; the ? mark has an ability on it that it can take on the value of a card drawn from the top of the deck.  Some of the cards in the deck have special abilities that can be utilized as long as the combined total does not exceed 13 or more.  The artwork has great appeal to it for younger audiences as well as appealing to older individuals with some folklore tossed in with the different character card names Wendigo, Chupacabra, and Pumpkin Head to name a few.  From the variation of card designs in the PNP,  there will be simple coloration on the cards.  The backs of the cards appear to have the logo of the game in a white spooky font on a simple fog like coloration, again this may change in the final version.

 Ghoullotine03 Ghoullotine04 Ghoullotine05 Ghoullotine06 Ghoullotine07


*The rules are still being tweaked and may be slightly different than what we reviewed; we will update this article with any notable tweaks to the rules.

The game play is very simple to learn.  Players will take turn laying cards down and potentially activating card abilities, if new total among the cards do not exceed 13.  However, if the number 13 busts, the player that played that card is eliminated from the game, and game play continues with one less player.  


  1. Place the score tracker in the center of the table within reach of all players. Place the black token near the numbers and the white chip near the positive/negative text on the score tracker.
  2. The player that looks the most dressed for Halloween will begin the game as the dealer and first player. 
  3. The dealer will shuffle the 40 cards together and deal 3 cards to each player including themselves. 

Game Play

The following covers each player's turn:

  1. Play one card from their hand.
  2. Add the cards value to the current total value on the score tracker moving the black chip; this number may be positive or negative number marked as such by the white chip.
  3. If the new total is not over "13" then the ability on the card will activate, if there is one.  
  4. If the total is still not above 13, play continues to the next player in this fashion.  If however, the total increases above "13," the player that played that card is eliminated from the game, and the game is re-set up for a new round excluding the eliminated player.  
  5. Rounds end in 1 of 2 fashions, 1) a player busts and is eliminated from the round, or 2) all players have played their entire hand and no more cards can be played. If option 2 happens, the player with the least highest amount of value on their side is elimated.
  6. Play continues in this fashion until 1 player remains; that player wins the game.

There are different modes for playing with 2 players vs higher player counts, but those details will come in a revision to this review. 

Ghoullotine01Final Thoughts

This game is simple enough that younger audiences will enjoy the game especially if they are familiar with the card game, Blackjack.  This game makes those mechanics more appealing by including special abilities that may mess with your opponents and provide a different range of card values. Special ability can force players to discard a card, discard their entire hand and re-draw that many cards, or trading hands to name a few.  I love the artwork, and I like that it is appealing to all ages.  I like the variety of different character types in the deck ranging from ghouls and skeletons all the way to Pumpkin Head and Wendigo.  The abilities that are in the deck also provide a lot of variety because you never know what your opponents are going to play against you (abilities, positive, or negative numbers) or if you will be at 12 with only a number 2 card in your hand.  

The Ghoullotine Kickstarter is live and is already over halfway funded at the time of publishing this article. I look forward to seeing how far this Kickstarter campaign goes.


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We received the print and play for this product in order to write an honest review; all reviews reflect the honest opinions of the writer.