Do you have a moment to talk about poop? Of course you do, you are probably making a deposit right now!

Poop Art

Poo Pocalypse (Dec 2020)
Designer(s) Jonny Vance Artist(s) Nate Nardyman Publisher

Poo Pocalypse

2-4 (8 with the expansion) 7+ 20-30m

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Hello, this is Brian from WVGamers. Today, we are honored to have a special guest for you. Jonny Vance has had a successful career in advertising products such as Purple Mattress, Chatbooks, and Lume Deodorant. However, Mr. Vance's true expertise stems from something he has been practicing all his life and is quite passionate about; in the future, he may be world renowned for his vaste knowledge of Scatology.  Without further ado, Mr. Vance.

 Jonny Vance 0

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Brian: Good evening, Mr. Vance. You have made quite a name for yourself displaying your knowledge and expertise in advertising for products such as Poo~Pourri and Squatty Potty; while your skills in marketing are quite impressive, it is your passion for doo-doo that truly shines through.

Jonny Vance 1st


Mr. Vance: Brian, thanks for the crappy intro. Our ads have definitely been a poop group effort. It takes a lot of people to make a mud mountain that big. That said, I hope that my efforts here can spread joy to people's cheeks, one butt muffin at a time.


Brian Pic


Brian: When exactly did you first realize this passion for bakin' brownies and decide to start sharing them with the world?


 Jonny Vance 2ndMr. Vance: I've been pooping for most of my life. It just comes so naturally to me. But poop jokes were forbidden at my house growing up. Like my mom absolutely HATED them! I guess, they were kind of the forbidden fecal fruit you could say. So, obviously, they sucked me in like a reverse fart. This fascination with hot sloppies somehow led me to becoming a writer at Harmon Brothers, which I feel like is the mecca of poop jokes. And then, last summer, I had an epoofany that I needed to make a poop game.

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Brian: How does one learn the fine art of building log cabins? Did this require obtaining a B.S. degree in poonami or some other specialized training?

 Jonny Vance 3rd

Mr. Vance: It's actually more rigorous than you'd think. After several years of straining and squeezing, I earned my Phd (Poopy Hot Deuce) in Fecalnomics. Also, eat prunes. Lots of prunes.


 Brian Pic

Brian: Well, the reason we have you here today is to discuss an upcoming passion project that you couldn't wait to get out. When you pitched the concept of your upcoming game "Poo-Pocalypse" to your family, what was their reaction?


Jonny Vance 4th


Mr. Vance: Disbelief...followed by long periods of silence. I don't think they ever thought I'd produce something that would bring so much honor to the family name! I have yet to confirm this assumption because they won't return any of my calls for some reason.



Growing up, you were only told not to play with your food...they never said anything about playing with poop. Poo Pocalypse is a game of stacking your poo; specifically, you need three poops on the bottom, two little craps covering those, and top it off with a nice shiny turd.

Poop Pyramid Yeah, just like that...that looks quite nice. 

At the start of the game, you will fill your hands with 5 poops (cards). Whoever is wearing the crappist shirt takes the poo token and start the game. 

On a player's turn, they will have two actions; each are repeatable. 

1. Take another poop into your hand (draw a card)

2. Drop a poop (play a card on your pyramid). You need a solid foundation of three poo peasants on bottom before you can add a second, sloppy layer to your stinky pyramid; likewise, you need two fecal fighters on the second layer before topping it all off with a crap king. 


3. Use your crappy powers (Swirly card). Swirly cards offer a variety of abilities that could ruin your opponent's pyramids, force them to reveal their hand, and even some that put special stipulations into play. There are some Swirly cards that do not even cost an action. 


Crap Attack (Special)

However, you need to be cautious because your opponents can crap all over your pyramid and burn through your cards (Crap Attack). Opponents can toss matching types of cards on top of the card you just played to cancel it out. Card types include Poo Peasants, Fecal Fighters, or Crap Kings; specific card names don't matter for Crap Attacks. However, you can play another card of that type on top of that card.

This process will continue until:

  • You have stopped mid-dump (running out of valid cards) causing that stack of cards to be flushed/discarded
  • You have successfully protected your gravy loaf tossing out all of the cards on top of the initial card you played 

Crap Attack

After you are done taking your dump (turn), pass the poo to your neighbor. If at any point you have completed your three layer crap pyramid, you win!

The game is simple to learn and a blast to play. The cards represent fun puns that your middle school self would love. 

Brian Pic


Brian: If you were to pick a character from "Poo-Pocalypse" that best represents yourself, who would it be?


Jonny Vance 5th


Mr. Vance: Probably "Brown Paper Bag Surprise". I may figuratively look crumpled, somewhat soggy and dumped on a sidewalk for someone to step in, but just like him, I also feel all warm inside.

Brian Pic


Brian: Before you log out, is there anything else you would like to share with our readers about this project?


Jonny Vance 6th


 Mr. Vance: This game is for immature people from 7 to 80 (when pooping your pants is no longer a joke). We've pushed and strained to bring you over 100 unique poop jokes across the game and expansions. So lots of shizzy surprises! Also, after a lot of help from awesome game designers, the game play is ruthlessly addicting as well. Like it's almost ruined a few marriages in our test groups.  


Final fecal thought: everyone treats pooping like they're having an affair, they do it once or twice a day but never talk about it. I want this game to help closeted poop joke lovers find a safe place to yell "Atilla the Runs" or "Joan of Fart" without having to apologize to nana.

Jonny Vance 7th

Brian Pic


Brian: Those are wise words; I hope we can all live in such a pooptastic world!

Alright, I won't keep you any longer; I know you have a crap ton of work to do to keep up with your fully funded Kickstarter that runs through July 16, 2020.

Thank you for your time.

Final Thoughts

Poo Pocalypse is a fun game that is heavy on the runs...I mean, puns. It is a quick game perfect for filling in the gaps during game nights or for a quick bit of fun. The artwork is cute and fits the style of game. I like that the game is simple and would be very quick to teach to new players. Based on the other types of party games on the market, I have no doubt this will be very successful if it finds itself in retail. I have no doubt this will be a huge hit with my family and friends especially in the late hours of the night as we are starting to get tired and find ourselves giggling non-stop at the silliest things and when someone accidently lets out a warm, wet sounding fart making you question whether there is now something squishy and smelly between your friend's butt and your chair...what was I saying... oh yeah, check out this game while you are pondering life's biggest questions on the crapper. 

The game is on Kickstarter now, over 2800% funded, and ends on July 16th, 2020 at 6:44p EST. There are already two expansions available thanks to the success of the campaign and stretch goals. Check out the campaign now and grab a big pile of warm goodness for yourself. 


Poo Pocalypse Kickstarter Page

Poo Pocalypse Facebook Page 



Images for this article came from the print and play version of this game that was provided to us for review. Images of Jonny Vance were screen captured from the Lume Deodorant advertisement