The Gamers create all of the articles seen on this website.

Brian Moats

Co-Founder, Lead Gamer

Gaming has been my passion since I was 4. My taste in games has evolved over the years, but gaming has always been a central point of my life. These days I play games on my PC (typically RPG and open world action games like Skyrim and Fallout), game consoles (primarily Nintendo Switch), RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons, and tons of board games. I hold have Bachelor of Science and Masters degrees in software engineering, business, and mathematics with the hopes of one day games and running my own business. While neither of those have panned out yet, I have enjoyed working in the technology field and developing new skills and passions. These days, I find myself really enjoying working with board game publishers on proofreading rules books and components as well as provide new ideas for those game. I am also very passionate about helping my community by raising money for my local Children's Hospital through the Extra Life charity.

Amanda Jones

Co-Founder, Lead Gamer

Amanda is a diehard Braves fan, has been since the early 90's during the time of Greg Maddox, Andruw Jones, and Chipper Jones. She also played high school softball, which brought her to her college days of receiving a coaching minor during her college career. Her first board game she remembers playing as a child was Pretty Pretty Princess. Since 2017, Amanda has gotten into more modern style board games. Her favorites now include: Mystic Vale, Ticket to Ride and Nut So Fast. Amanda enjoys playing more casual video games, such as Animal Crossing and Mario Kart but also really likes Diablo 3. She loves exploring historical locations as well as any place that experiences paranormal activity. When Amanda isn't playing board games or RPG's, you can find her loving on her fur babies.